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preparing for our autonomous future

ensuring the safety, resiliency, and reliability of autonomous systems —from home security systems and health monitoring devices to first-responder robots and self-driving cars—is critical to their ability to enhance our lives. 

finding gold in green spaces

tiny pocket parks, forest patches, and vacant lots are nestled throughout baltimore city. johns hopkins researchers 亚洲美女天堂网4are teaming up to assess the value of this green infrastructure to the city’s well-being.

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regenerative graft could reduce heart surgeries

coronary artery disease and congenital cardiovascular defects often require multiple surgeries that pose a variety of serious risks to the patient. a development from hopkins engineers could potentially minimize those surgical risks.

catalyst for green energy

a new method of increasing the reactivity of ultrathin nanosheets could someday make fuel cells for hydrogen cars cheaper.

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up, up in the air…

a team of johns hopkins students launched cameras and other devices more than 16 miles into the earth&#韩国美女青草58217;s atmosphere to collect data, then tracked and recovered the payload nearly 50 miles away.

designing for disability

johns hopkins engineering students are working with volunteers for medical engineering, a baltimore-based group that uses volunteer engineers to create individually designed devices for disabled people in need.

quantifying the art of pitching

brian linton applied his engineering knowledge and experience as a pitcher to help 6other athletes improve their performances.

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making magic at disney

at walt disney world, marcus d’amelio ’98 combines his three passions—electrical engineering, gaming, and theater.

an ‘audacious’ mission to saturn’s titan moon

a new billion-dollar mission known as dragonfly is headed to titan to gather clues about how life formed on earth, whether life exists on titan now, and what it takes for extraterrestrial destinations to be habitable.

epcot’s head engineer

roger arnold ’83, epcot’s director of engineering services, uses his knowledge and experience to find the right answers to challenges ranging from cast development and capital investment strategy to ride safety.

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from the dean

from the dean

challenge is a concept that cuts across all activities at johns hopkins.